Catherine Thank you so much for this website upgrade, I am so happy with it, it looks fantastic and has inspired me to do some much needed updating!
Thanks again Catherine

Catherine Britcliffe

RuthThank you for a FAB job you have done of my web site, I am very pleased with it, everyone that has seen it has been impressed

Healing Hands Natural Therapies & Beauty Treatments

ShantaI just wanted to let somebody senior at Health Hosts know that I am so impressed with the service provided by Daniel. I have never set up a website before and did need a fair bit of help to get it up and running. The customer service provided by Daniel was superb and I am so pleased with my new website and can't believe it has been done for such a small fee.

Thank you to all of you again.

Refresh Complementary Healthcare

Gill GriggI just wanted to say a big thank you to the team for being so prompt with moving my website from Vistaprint, and for setting things up so nicely on my new website - it looks wonderful, and I have made several changes/additions with the superb help of the very informative and simple video tutorials.

I wish I had come here first; lessons learned!

Gill Grigg
Maia Holistic Therapies

NicoletteCreating a website as a new business can be quite daunting (I only saw an article yesterday in The Standard free paper discussing this). So when you find a company that can support you all the way at a cost that's affordable without underselling their skills, then you have to jump at them.

I've been with Healthhosts for about 4 years now, have always received helpful support when I needed it and feel that they value me as a customer.

If you're looking for someone to host your site, designers that can design and staff that offer sound guidance then I would strongly recommend Healthhosts.

Self Love yoga and Pilates

Louise NonweilerHealth Hosts provide an on-going professional support service once you join.

Not only are the websites great value for money, you always know that if you need help regarding your website, they are always there.

Many thanks Health Hosts!!!

Louise Nonweiler
Inspire 4 Life Therapies

Elspeth FareJust wanted to say WOW!!!! Thank you so much for upgrading my site - it is fantastic. I can't believe how quickly you have done the change over it really looks great, the colours are spot on and the layout is so much better than my old site. I will be recommending you to my therapy colleagues.

Elspeth Fare
Footpath Therapies

DebbieThank you so so much - you have done an amazing job! - I am so pleased with what you have done. I would have taken forever to do all that and I am delighted - I have already passed your details on to a collegue of mine due to your excellent service and communication.

Allure Beauty Limited

NicolaHad my website upgraded by health hosts. Really pleased with how much more professional and sleek my new website looks.
great service, many thanks

The Beauty Room Preston

MelanieThank you so much for making the transition to my fabulous new look website so easy. Your designs are wonderful and the back up and support is very reliable. I was amazed at how fast you switched my site to the new one, and I am delighted with how clean and smart it looks, and how easy it is to edit and update. Many thanks.


Gurdeep singhHealthhosts designed a fantastic website for me. I was pleased with their customer services, not just at the time of purchase, but ongoing I feel well supported. To my misfortune I had a terrible experience with another web designer before hand which was thankfully not the same experience here.

Please do not hesitate to use Healthhosts, I recommend them highly.

Gurdeep singh
Panesar Wellbeing

Laurie HarveyI would highly recommend Healthhosts to anyone considering setting up a new website.

As bit of a technophobe, I previously had a website which was set up and maintained for me. I found it too complicated to update myself and it didn't have some of the other fancy bits and bobs that I wanted, so a friend recommended Healthosts to me. I hesitated because I was worried that the changing over process would be complicated and that I would have a long period with no website or email.

However, my email was transferred immediately and the website transfer process took just a couple of days. Healthosts did everything for me; They transferred over all of the old content exactly as I wanted it and they continue to help me as I'm learning to maintain the new site myself.

Healthosts are very professional and helpful.

Laurie Harvey
Laurie Harvey - Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Jo SimonsI just wanted to say a big thank you to Health Hosts who have been fantastic over the last few months. I have been using them for the last 4 years and they have always responded to queries quickly. I recently transferred my old site to word press and create a new site for a new business venture, everything went very smoothly despite my endless list of questions and I love the design of my website. I wasn’t expecting such a good SEO tool attached to the website which has also been great in setting up all the SEO tags. I would highly recommend anyone considering making the switch Thank you.

Jo Simons
Jo Simons - Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Jill PriceHealthosts really take the hastle out of creating a website for your business. Their designs are professional and it is very easy to add and update your own text putting you in complete control of your website. The team are incredibly helpful responding to any queries quickly. Last year, they added social media plugins to my site and more recently they have just added analytics for me which has proved really useful. I have and will continue to recommend them. Thanks Healthosts!

Jill Price
Nightingale Reflexology

Louise Presley-TurnerGreat service and wonderful value. Can't speak highly enough of HealthHosts. I couldn't run my business without you. Thank you.

Louise Presley-Turner

Karen BaillieI just want to say thank you for patiently sorting it all out for me. I've always really liked the website design - so professional. I've had consistently good feedback from clients about it and the increase in business from it has been truly excellent.

Karen Baillie
Karen Baillie - Counselling and Psychotherapy

Fiona LovettI just want to say thank you so much for my website. I really love it!

Fiona Lovett
Inner Imaginings, Harley Street, London

Anita MitchellAlthough I have had a website for a number of years now, I had always kept away from managing the content of it myself because of a fear of HTML. So instead I would have to pay my webman to make the changes. What that meant in reality was that I didn't keep the site as up to date as I would have liked, trying to keep the costs down. When HealthHosts was suggested by a colleague, thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a go, after all the costs were not excessive and I wouldn’t be tied into a contract.

I'm so glad I made the decision. I can make as many changes to the site as and when I like, and they are up there in seconds. I'm having great fun tweaking the site and even a technophobe like me can make the changes because there is no need to know HTML - it's no more difficult than writing a word document. I'm so pleased I made the decision to change hosts.

Anita Mitchell

TracyI just wanted to say a big thank you to HealthHosts for my web site. It is exactly what I had in mind and the feedback on it from friends and colleagues has been tremendous with several requests for HealthHosts' information.

They gave me exactly what I asked for, and the site has been very easy to populate. I'm not finished with it yet, but it's up and running far sooner than I had expected it to be and ready to show to delegates at an important conference next week. Thanks very much again, and I will certainly be recommending you.


DebbieI am so glad that I chose HealthHosts to manage my website. I had no previous experience with website design at all when I first contacted them, but they were happy to answer all my questions, no matter how silly they seemed.

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted my site to look like, and, through a few roughly drawn diagrams and small description, they designed my customised header perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the service, which has made everything so simple and easy from start to finish. I actually found myself really enjoying uploading the material onto the site as it is so easy to do. I would certainly recommend HealthHosts.


Paul GreyAn excellent service at very reasonable cost. The process of registering and ordering the site was a simple step-by-step process. The website was produced as I'd visualised from just a a few lines of text outlining what I wanted. Any minor changes have been made very quickly and aftersales support is excellent. Definitely recommended - thank you HealthHosts.

Paul Grey

KayThank you to everyone at Healthhosts that was involved in the design of my new website. You followed my guidance and choices perfectly. When it was finished and I viewed it for the first time, I was so pleased with what you had created. Everything, including the time from start to finish, my personal choices, incorporating my own logo, the price is so good and communication was excellent. I am happy to recommend healthhosts to anybody! I may even build another site in the future. Thank you very much


Angie Doig-ThorneI just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new website design. The feedback that I get from clients is always so positive, saying the site is so easy to use and navigate around. I frequently recommend you to people from various working backgrounds for professional, easy to use websites. So once again, thank you for my fab site.

Angie Doig-Thorne

ClareI love my new website Its a first class job you've done. The feedback is great from my peers. The banner is spectacular.


OliviaI am extremely pleased with my new website. The setting it up, for someone like myself who is not particularly computer savvy, was made comparitively easy with your tutorials, instructions and help at the end of the phone. Most importantly, my clients like the site and say it is user friendly


Judith RawlingsHealthhosts was recommended to me by a friend and I have been very impressed by the services offered. The on line tutorials and prompt feedback to my enquiries have been much appreciated, especially as web design is unfamiliar territory to me. My Healthhost experience has been extremely positive and excellent value for money. Thank you.

Judith Rawlings

Emeline VatonI really enjoyed that process of getting my website up and running. The team at Healthhosts have been really supportive and responded very quickly to my queries. I was so happy to see all my personal choices incorporated so nicely in the design. Thanks to everyone at Healthhosts that was involved in the design of my website. I am happy to recommend you

Emeline Vaton

MirandaFrom the very start - the logo design to photos and website layout they knew exactly what I wanted, and have really listened to what i've said. This has been a very easy process and extremly quick. I have also had great follow up support on search engine listings, marketing and helpful tips all the way. I would thoroughly reccomend!


Jane WilsonI am really pleased with my website, it is more than i could have expected. The service from the team has been 1st class. They have always been very helpful & friendly if I have needed help, and have kept me informed of any updates & have also helped to make the website google friendly setting up the SOE for me, something I would not have been ableto do. I would recommend Health Hosts to anybody & have done. Well done for a great service.

Jane Wilson

LorinaJust to say a huge thank you for a great service that has been provided. HealthHosts are a great provider and I will recommend them to friends requiring this service. Customer and technical support had been great.It makes creating your on website so easy to do and to update.


JoanneThank you Healt Hosts for a great website. I am really pleased with it and have had good comments about it.


JoClass website designs - far superior to the competition. With excellent support network that answers questions within 24 hours. I am very happy with the service HealthHosts have provided.


Maria HaymanAt last I have a website that looks good, is easy to follow and best of all, even I can update it. The support team are so patient and talk you through any problems you may encounter - for me that meant quite a bit as I am not really computer literate. It is so comforting to know that there's someone there if you get stuck. I've managed to edit my site and feel confident that I can do whatever I like now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maria Hayman

Carly GarrettGreat service. Very easy to set up and maintain - highly recommended.

Carly Garrett

CarolineAfter months of trying to put a site together myself I found HealthHosts and almost instantly had a site that I and all my friends and clients that have seen it and love. The hard bit has all been done for me and it is so easy to play with now.

The service was so good I kept feeling I should send them a bunch of flowers to say thanks - it is just incredible the speed with which I got answers to my questions and I think their patience with people who ask questions before fully reading the instructions also deserves a big mention. Thank you HealthHosts, I will have no hesitation in recommending you.


Jackie MenonI am thrilled with how my website has turned out. Although I had very clear ideas of my own in terms of design and how it should look I was very impressed with the fact every idea I had was taken on board, even down to the smallest detail and was incorporated into the overall design.

Jackie Menon

KellieReally love my new website, I've had so much good feedback about it. It is easy to use once you get used to it, had no problems at all, thank you!


Dee KelsallI have been wanting a website for years but never been able to afford it. I had recently received a quote for almost £1000.00 just to set it up - support being extra. I came across HealthHosts through a link and couldn't believe my luck when I looked at what was on offer at a very affordable price. I was very impressed with the portfolio of web-sites and so decided to go ahead.

The whole process was so straight forward, I supplied them with my requirements for the site and Mike came up with exactly what I asked for. The site is so easy to use to edit myself. On the ocassions I have been stuck Mike has been very patient and prompt in his reply. HealthHosts, I'm so glad I found you and have already recommended you to all my therapists friends - thank you.

Dee Kelsall

Jenny LewisThanks for your excellent, affordable, easy to use and efficient service

Jenny Lewis

Natascha Van ZylI was at my wits end with my previous website and web design company. My site was bland and changing data was a real nightmare. The program I was given, was old and not user friendly. The overall support I received was very poor. So... when I discovered HealthHosts I was delighted!

I contacted them shortly after looking at their site, within minutes I had spoken to Sue, who was magic at explaining "the how to do it" and I agreed to purchase. My site was designed to my specifications and I love it. Also, the editing program is user friendly and easy to use.

The response from friends and colleagues has been so rewarding, as they ALL think the site is professional and really expresses Me. I cannot thank HealthHosts enough for creating my presence in such a sensitive and creative way!

Natascha Van Zyl