3 benefits of driving traffic to your therapy site with paid social ads

04 Dec 2017
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As one of the most powerful marketing tools available, social media can be used to drive additional traffic through to websites at a huge rate, especially when supported by paid social ads. There are several advertising options available across social media; however, the most lucrative – and one likely to offer the best ROI, especially for the therapy industry – is Facebook.

Facebook offers fantastic pay per click advertising, has an extensive range of targeting options to help drive your site to success, and is the most advanced social advertising module of them all.

If you’re considering running social media advertising for your therapy website, the following benefits are likely to reign:

1. Extensive targeting options

With hundreds of targeting options available within Facebook Advertising, it is easier than ever to reach a completely unique audience. When selecting traffic driving as an objective within Facebook Ads Manager, you can then select a specific audience, based on location, gender, age, and most importantly, life stages and interests. This means you can pick to target people who are already interested in health and therapy.

The best way to achieve success is through an A-B split testing approach – identify the audience you want to target first, and then, based on results of the first 24-48 hours, tweak as required, and run from there. You’ll then be able to identify the best target audience for your brand, and take information from this for the future.

2. Drive reach and acquire a new audience

It’s not just traffic-driving that results from Facebook Advert. In the process, you’ll likely reach an entirely new audience than you would through organic content. This means you’re more likely to achieve higher rates of acquisition and a new range of potential clients, as well as increased traffic to your site.

3. Accurately track results through Facebook Pixels

A successful way of tracking website visits is not only just through Facebook’s analytics feature, but also through a fully UTM-tracked link, which can be embedded into your advert.

You can also setup a Facebook Tracking Pixel within Facebook Ads Manager and embed into your website. Here, you’ll be able to track how many users were sent to the site, how many dropped off, and, in turn, use this information to re-target. This helps achieve higher return on investment, and provides accurate and insightful reasoning to help with future adverts and campaigns.

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