3 big web design trends in the therapy market expected for 2018

15 Dec 2017
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With the end of 2017 now fast approaching, it’s fair to say that it has been an exciting and innovative year in the web design industry. As such, any good website owner likes to keep an eye on the trends and see where industry tastes are heading. So, to keep you ahead of the curve and help you know how to alter your therapy website, here are 3 web design trends that are expected to pick up even more pace in 2018.

1. Minimalism

It’s hardly a secret that colourful, flashy, gimmicky sites are well outdated and something that no business wants as a means to display its services. Recent years have already seen a growing use of negative space and simplistic design as a means to appear more modern and more sophisticated. Well, nowadays it is the user experience that is at the forefront of any good designer’s set of protocol when designing a website. With that in mind, a minimalist site which makes use of negative space is the way forward. Be sure to focus on content and images only as a means to improve the speed of the user experience and increase conversions, nothing else.

2. Cinematography

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, well, the web design world has moved well beyond images and even videos. Instead, expect cinematography to be at the forefront of great website design in 2018. Videos can be slow to load, especially on mobile devices, and dampen the user experience. However, cleverly placed cinematography such as moving images, 360-degree images, and interactive elements focus the user’s attention and can demonstrate the USPs of a product in a futuristic and helpful manner.

3. Expressive typography

It has already been mentioned that minimalism and user experience should be at the top of your priorities for 2018 web design, and using bold typography is a perfect complement to achieving this. By taking away images and replacing them with powerful expressive typography, you are able to increase the amount of negative space on the page, allow important items to pop far more nicely, and increase the load time of the page.

With these changes already well underway, it could be a good chance to redevelop or alter your existing therapy website design. If you haven’t already used us then it’s fair to say we are industry leaders in the therapy market and are well up to date with offering modern, professional sites for all of our clients. To find out more, get in contact today.

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