3 reasons – other than SEO – why your therapy website should include detailed content

28 Jun 2018
therapy website content

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ a few times before. The primary reason why marketers value content so much is that sites with descriptive, keyword-targeted service pages and regular blog posts are rewarded by Google with higher positions in the search engine rankings, thus exposing them to more traffic.

But informative content is also valued by users, as well as Google’s crawlers.

In this blog post, we’ll run through three other reasons why, as a therapy website, you should always provide your visitors with informative content.

To help them reach a buying decision

Unlike, say, a DIY ecommerce site, where the user knows that when they buy a drill, that’s what they’ll receive, therapy is a more esoteric profession. Added to this, therapy can often be costly, so you need to persuade and reassure visitors that your sessions will provide them with a service they need. Detailed content will give you a chance to explain in detail why clients should pick your practice. If a website design only incorporates a short paragraph or a few bullet points, it’s unlikely to address the salient concerns potential clients may have.

To build a relationship based on trust

In days gone by, potential clients would have found your business in the Yellow Pages and given you a call to discuss what you had to offer and how it could help them. Now, however, the relationship dynamic between you and your customer has changed – the power’s with them; they can conduct research into your business and services and, if their question isn’t answered by you, go to one of your more helpful competitors. Detailed and informative content which resonates with your clients’ desires and needs allows you to place yourself in a position of authority and trust and will hopefully help you secure that sale.

To reassure them

Those new to attending therapy may have concerns or fears, usually based around whether the sessions will work and what to expect. Longer, more detailed copy will provide a therapist with the ability to address any concerns and reassure the potential client that there is help available. In most areas the competition between therapy practices is high, so it is important to create content which convinces visitors that they should be contacting you, rather than your competitors.

As specialists in website design and digital marketing for therapists, we are able to ensure your content is tailored, both to your audience and Google. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.

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