3 SEO tips to help you dominate your local therapy market

30 Nov 2017

Online marketing is continually growing in scope, and Facebook and Google have come to dominate the ways in which we advertise our businesses. However, the best customers are of course those that cost you nothing to obtain, and that’s where the world of SEO comes in. For your therapy business, you want to aim to dominate your local market by attracting as many searches for local therapy services as possible, and here are 3 tips to help you do exactly that.

1. Use Google My Business

This point is pretty straightforward, but with relative ease, you can dramatically increase the level of trust Google gives your site, as well as your listing in the local therapy market. You will need to head over to the Google My Business homepage to get started. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll soon see your business listed as an approved and local source for people needing therapists in their area. Be sure to optimise and put real effort into your company descriptions to make it easier for people to find and trust you.

2. Focus on reviews

Reviews are one of the most crucial ways that people will trust and want to use your services. The same goes for Google, which only wants to display relevant businesses with good trust and track records. To get this, you need to start encouraging reviews on whichever sites possible but initially, you should focus on Google My Business and Facebook reviews. Google has made it clear that seeing a large number of high-quality reviews linked to your site will allow them to better showcase you for search results.

3. Optimise meta titles and descriptions

It is amazing how many businesses still don’t take the time to optimise their titles and meta descriptions. What this means is that you’re wasting the valuable opportunity of helping to convince someone to click on your website instead of a competitor. To optimise them properly there are a few rules. Your title should be between 50 and 60 characters, and your meta description should be between 150 and 160 characters; otherwise, they will get truncated in the SERPs. (search engine results page) Secondly, clearly display the name of your local town or city in both title and description to highlight that you are local. Lastly, give a reason for them to click on you such as “free consultation”, “20% off” or “great customer service”. By improving the appeal of these two key elements, you can increase the amount of clicks you get compared to other search results, and Google will reward you for it by displaying you higher next time someone searches.

By focusing on these 3 tips, you should start to see traffic and interest in your site grow over time. If you are looking for a better therapy website or need help with your marketing efforts, then get in contact today to see how we can help you dominate your local therapy market.

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