3 ways to make your website more engaging

18 Apr 2018
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Whether you’re looking to create relationships with new clients or just gather data on potential areas of improvement, a well-designed, engaging website can be a great benefit for any therapist. With more research regarding mental health and wellbeing being done online than ever before, there’s never been a better time to establish your expertise, and gain new clients in the process.

1. Establish your expertise

A well-designed therapy website shouldn’t just give potential patients the necessary information about what you do. By using your site, you can establish your expertise and experience in particular areas of therapy. Whether it’s your thoughts about a particular form of treatment or your specialisation in a specific mental health area, visitors can judge for themselves whether you’d be a good fit for them – saving both you and your potential clients time.

2. Create your brand

A great website should have a strong message – and when it comes to the therapy sector, having a good brand and a good sense of identity is key to matching you with the best potential clients. For an industry based on one-to-one interaction and a good therapeutic relationship, a brand that matches your working style is key. Whether it’s just the inclusion of anonymous feedback or more of a personal slant, a reliable brand can make all the difference. Being seen as a real person – rather than a faceless expert – can be a huge benefit when it comes to engaging with your patients both on- and offline.

3. Benefit your clients outside your sessions

For many clients, your therapy sessions will be accompanied by other ongoing work – and a website that includes both resources and valuable information can benefit your clients by providing an additional way to gain support from you. Whether it’s just providing the basis of the tools you use within your sessions, or even online quizzes and feedback forms, a well-designed website can offer value to both you and your patients with engaging features that keep them coming back time and time again.

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