4 benefits of having a blog on your therapist website

14 Mar 2018
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Great therapy websites are conversational. They act as the first point of dialogue between you and your potential clients. A blog can be one of the most useful ways you can show people your thoughts and identity before they’ve built up the confidence to reach out to you officially.

Some therapists shirk the idea and consider the time required as outweighing any benefits. That’s a mistake. Here are 4 reasons you could get ahead of the curve with a blog on your therapist website.

Reason #1: a blog develops trust between the writer and reader

Therapy websites differ from many others due to the nature of the visitors’ requirements. Much more so than other industries, they need to understand who they’re researching and how their personality influences the help the therapist can provide.

By its very nature, blogging puts your personality in the spotlight. You can share your thoughts on relevant topics, making you appear more human to your visitors and helping them decide whether the two of you are a good fit.

Reason #2: a blog helps you showcase your expertise

Blogging about your profession and sharing your individual thoughts can show clients that you’re passionate, informed and ready to help. You can promote the latest health research related to your service, give tips to clients, promote offers and introduce any new products or treatments. Without a blog, a website has the danger of coming across as quite basic.

Reason #3: blogging drives the most relevant clients to your website

If someone is researching the ways a certain kind of therapy is put into practice, they could get linked to your blog post. From there, they’ll read your personal expertise and could reach out to you directly. Without writing the blog, you wouldn’t have even got that visitor to your site in the first place.

Reason #4: bustling blogs boost your website’s search engine rank

Blogging boosts the number of pages on your website, tells Google it’s an active site that’s often updated, and increases the number of times certain terms appear on your website. This is all Google gold dust and brings us back to reason #3.

Spending just an hour a week on your blog can have a transformational effect on your therapy business. The only cost is your time: combining it with a conversational social media presence is the best way to showcase your personality, expertise and willingness to help new clients.

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