4 key things to think about for your next website

23 Oct 2016

Your therapeutic business certainly needs an online presence, but before you race ahead and commission a website build, it’s vital to think carefully about what you want to achieve from it, as well as some other considerations. Let’s take a closer look:

What will the purpose of your new website be?

If you can clarify this first, it will help the developer to craft the site accordingly. For example, will you want to showcase your services and generate enquiries, or enable direct bookings via the site? If you aren’t entirely sure of what’s possible, that is absolutely fine as the developer can help you to understand the scope and potential of your new business website.

What is your budget?

It helps to have a clear idea of budget before you commission a project, as this helps to define the parameters of what can be achieved. The cost of websites has come down greatly in recent years thanks to the introduction of themes and open source technologies, so that bespoke builds aren’t always necessary.

Who will manage your site going forward?

Most therapists will update their own website using a content management system. Have a clear idea about who will usually do this and how much time that person will be able to devote to it. This is important too if you intend on developing and maintaining associated social media channels, which can be integrated into your site for greater customer engagement.

Do you have an existing brand?

If you already have a brand, its ‘visual language’ can be incorporated into your website for consistency – fonts, photography styles, graphics, colour palette and so forth. However, if you just have a logo, your website agency can work with you to create a really beautiful look and feel that you can then extend to your physical marketing, and which will help to create a truly professional, attractive and fit-for-purpose website that helps to market your therapy business and engage with potential clients.

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