5 aromatherapy social media post ideas to create engagement

20 Feb 2021
aromatherapy social media post ideas to create engagement

Natural ways to heal the body are becoming more popular by the day, and aromatherapy is just one of the methods gaining credibility. As a therapist, you not only want to get new customers but keep old ones coming back.

One of the best ways in today’s world to do this effectively is by increasing your marketing on social media. Nearly everyone uses at least one social media platform, and it’s an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to followers and those searching for alternative therapy methods.

By now, you’ve done your research and seen the vast amount of therapists trying to promote their services. If you’re wondering how you can stand out from the crowd and take your aromatherapy business to the next level, check out our social media post ideas to create engagement and get more clients.

Post your services and ask for opinions

To begin with, you need people to understand precisely what you offer. To make your post stand out, think of creating a collage with various photos showing off what you do best. This will grab potential customer’s attention and demonstrate what you can do for them in a fast fashion.

Next, you need to get as many people to engage as possible. You can do this effectively by asking questions and prompting responses with something like, ‘Which of these therapies would you choose?’

Alternatively, you can ask a simple yes or no question. These are a great way to get people to comment fast and can lead to users getting into discussions and debates, all on your feed.

Use a fill in the blank

Another way to get many comments and fast is to post an image with a fill-in-the-blank caption. Users are more likely to engage with this type of post because you’ve done the hard work for them and written most of their answer. They just need to fill in a word or two.

Example: My favourite aromatherapy smell would be…

Encourage followers to create captions

If you’re stuck for post ideas and unsure what to write about, why not get followers to do it for you? Browse through your images and select one that looks intriguing or different. Simply post the photo and write ‘Caption This.’ Social media users like to get creative and try to come up with the funniest caption possible. This method is sure to get followers talking and commenting on your post.

Start a poll

Polls are a great way to encourage engagement that takes little effort on the part of the user. It allows people to interact and stay anonymous if that’s stopping them from commenting on your regular posts. Try to come up with a question relevant to your business and that followers will be interested in.

You could come up with a fun prompt that’s easy to answer, such as, ‘What smell will you choose for your next aromatherapy session?’ Add four or five options, and a lot of people who are scrolling will likely stop and click on one. Of course, you can go into more depth to find out what consumers like and use it to your advantage, too.

Conjure up memories

Smells help revive memories of childhood and places in our past. Running an aromatherapy business gives you the advantage of playing to the senses, which can stimulate engagement.

Your posts don’t always need to be specific to your business. For instance, why not post a photo of something like a plate of food or a famous landmark and ask people what smell it conjures up for them.

You could even publish an image of someone mowing the lawn and ask whether followers love the smell of freshly cut grass or not. Wandering out of your comfort zone is a great idea, and you could gain more followers for your quirkiness.

These are only a few ideas to get your followers to engage more with your posts. Take some time and develop different ways to use each method that works for your aromatherapy business. Social media marketing is extremely effective in this day and age, and as a therapist, you can use it to your advantage to stand out from the competition.

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