5 reasons you need a blog on your therapy website

20 Dec 2020
Reasons you need a blog on your therapy website

So, you’re a therapist, and most of your time is spent working with clients. You don’t have much time to do anything else. Sound about right?

While it can be time-intensive, we do recommend spending a bit of time updating your website every week. Once you have a solid homepage, about me page and services page, you won’t need to update them, but having a blog that you can post on weekly can be a real game-changer.

In this post, we’ll look at the reasons why, and tell you why you should really consider adding a blog to your therapist website!

Blogs are excellent for SEO

Static websites, though useful, don’t get as much search engine traffic as constantly updated blogs. This is for a few reasons. Google loves updated, recent content – so it is more likely to push a website that constantly has new blog posts to the top of its search engine results.

The other reason is that the more blog posts you have, the more that you can rank for. If you spend a bit of time learning about keywords and how to get to Google’s page one – or hire someone who can SEO optimize your writing for you – you’ll be much more likely to land on the web searches of people who need your help. It’s an excellent marketing tactic, and one that has proven successful for many companies and traders across industries.

A blog will make you look more personable

The great thing about blogs is that you can write whatever you want. Some articles can be SEO rich, written with the intention to attract attention from Google. However, others can be a snapshot into you and your work, a way for potential clients to see you on another level.

When people are looking for a therapist, they want to find somebody that they can trust. Seeking help might be a big deal to them, and they will want to work with somebody who they resonate well with. Adding some blog posts that show a bit of your character to your website immediately helps prospective clients see if you are a good match for their therapy needs. It gives your webspace a bit of character and will help to market your services.

A blog will give you a chance to offer basic advice

Obviously, you don’t want to be offering all of your work for free. But as a trained professional, it’s much better that you give some basic therapy advice than somebody unqualified. And you’ll find, if you offer some basic advice, it will help to build that all important trust and people will be much more likely to think of you and your website if they need – or are asked for a recommendation for – a therapist.

Blogs give you the opportunity to link to your services

One of the best ways to use blogs is by internal linking. This is linking from one page or blog post to another page on your website. You can, for instance, link from a blog post (which someone might find through SEO or a recommendation from a friend), to one of your services pages. This is an instant link that may earn you a client.

You don’t need to do it all on your own

The fact that you’ll be writing a therapy blog, and offering advice to potentially vulnerable people, does mean that you should provide the content of the post. However, if writing is not your forte, or if you simply don’t have enough time, you could note down the main points, hire a professional copywriter to put them together in an article, and then check it over yourself.

Copywriters can also SEO optimize the content – some will even show you how to track keywords and see which posts are working for you. They can also help you to brainstorm ideas, and suggest topics considering what has worked well in the past.

Your medical expertise is, of course, essential – but a copywriter can use their expertise to help fill in the gaps and create well-written and engaging copy.

As you can see, finding some time to work on your therapy blog each week can have huge benefits to your company!

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