5 things to do to ensure that your website design works for you

16 Jan 2018
5 things to do to ensure that your website design works for you

When it comes to business people often overlook their website. However, think about it – in this day and age, if somebody wants to find something out about your therapy company, they will look for your website. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your website works for your business and paints it in the best light.

1. Focus on the website design

The design of your website needs to invite people to find out more about your therapy. The landing page should not scare people away but instead should draw them in. Take a look at your website just as a potential customer would. What is the first thing they see? What information do they read? Are the colours bold and daring or are they boring? Consider getting the help of a team of external website designers for the best results.

2. The information should be relevant

Any written information available on your website should engage, entertain and educate people about therapy. You want people to feel like they are getting something worthy from interacting with your company. This information should be well written but also relevant. If your business sells a therapy service, there is no reason to have a news article about hair trends on your blog section, for example. Instead, an article on ‘7 reasons therapy could be just what you need’ will be much better suited to your target audience.

3. Highlight your contact page

If a potential client can’t find the contact page, how are they meant to get in touch? Having a contact form at the bottom of each page is a useful tool but you should also consider a live chat option as well as an obvious ‘Contact Us’ page.

4. Keep your website design updated

As with everything in the world, trends come and go and things go out of fashion. This isn’t to say that you should change your fonts and logo every other month as this is part of your brand. Instead, mix and match messages on the front page and find out what design works best for you and your business. How about highlighting a new treatment on the homepage one month and then a therapy top tip the next?

5. Celebrate success stories

Potential clients love to read case studies and to see examples of your success. Get in touch with past clients and explain you’d like to feature them on the website, then ask them for some feedback! If you have a fantastic success story, shout out about it in your website design.

If you are a therapist and are looking to improve your website design, get in touch today.

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