7 must-haves for your website

28 Nov 2016

However your website looks, if it’s not getting you business, it’s no better than a brochure. In order to get results, it must be engaging and relevant.

Here are 7 must-haves for your therapy website.

Simple design and navigation

Your site must be easy to navigate through. If your potential customers have to jump through hoops to find what they’re looking for, they’ll simply go to a competitor. Your website menus and sitemap need to be user-friendly.

Call to action

If your website has no clear call to action, you’re losing out on potential clients. You have to make it clear what you want your clients to do on your website – where you want them to go and what you want them to do. This could be as simple as contact us, book your session, read our FAQs, watch our video for new customers, etc.

Your call to action is the turning point from client browsing your treatments to booking.

Newsletter sign ups

By having a form where your website visitors can subscribe to your newsletter, you’re building your database of potential clients and patients who are interested in what you have to offer but aren’t quite ready to convert. Newsletter sign ups are a great way to keep engaging with those potential clients or patients through news, information, offers, and blogs.

Automatic replies

Automatic replies send an automatic email to your website visitor when they complete a specific action, such as signing up for your newsletter. This enables you to remind your client who you are and what you do – it takes more than just a whim to convert and the more strategic contact, the better the chance of a visitor booking a treatment or session with you.


An SEO strategy is essential to enable you to be found online alongside your competitors. Great landing pages will also increase your rankings, as well as fresh and engaging content on a regular basis – Google wants to give its users the best experience with the most relevant results, which means you need to have the most relevant information.


Blogs feed Google’s algorithm – great blogs that engage and are shared and read with interesting and relevant information increase your rankings on Google. Your blogs can focus on your therapies, treatments, or sessions that you offer.

Great copy

Ah, after great website design, great copy is the next best bit. Your copy should be viewed as if it were directly selling to your client or patient. It should be interesting, engaging, well written and free from typos or spelling mistakes. Your website visitors don’t want to trawl through jargon or dull content – they want to achieve their objective there and then and they want to consume copy quickly. It should also be compelling – copy covers everything from blog posts to ‘book now’ buttons. Great copy is essential for converting browsers into bookers.

If you’d like to discuss any of these must-haves or you’d like us to give your website an MOT, get in contact today.

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