Affordable marketing tips for therapists

24 Apr 2018
Affordable marketing tips for therapists

Therapists and healers looking to increase the digital reach of their business can take advantage of a number of free marketing tools to help optimise their websites and add to the number of site visitors. Some useful marketing tips for therapists include:

1. Social media

It doesn’t cost you anything to increase your activity on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s just the time element involved that can put some people off. Make a commitment to take just ten minutes to post something new about your therapy business on a daily basis and it won’t be too long before you start seeing results. You could also check out the availability of any free ad credits from Google or Facebook to test whether a paid marketing campaign would provide good returns. Hootsuite offer a free app for scheduling and managing social media posts, making it easier to schedule a large number of postings at the same time.

2. Keep your website and blog looking fresh

Adding fresh content to your website and any associated blog on a regular basis is another way to enhance your search engine ranking and build your online credibility. You can utilise the same content for your blog and your social media sites, so it won’t entail too much extra work, either. Where time is limited, outsourcing your blog content to professional providers is one way to keep on top of regular posts.

3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your therapy business for search engines makes good sense, as it means that local customers will find you more easily when searching for services on the internet. All you really need do is make sure some of the keywords incorporated within your texts are the search terms most likely to be used by potential customers when looking for a local business. Google My Business is a free business listing service from Google which gives added visibility in Googles searches and Google Maps.

4. Local media

Another marketing tip well worth trying is to reach out to your local networks both in person and online. Local influencers and business support hubs are easy to find via social networks and you’ll find that there are many campaigns aimed at boosting local commerce. Make a note of any awareness and support groups near to you which you might be able to connect with online, as well as online campaigns run by your town or county’s marketing board as these will be eager to promote your messages. Get to know your local chamber of commerce and media outlets in your neighbourhood too and take part in any events happening around your locality which you can find out about through online events pages and social profiles. Local newspapers are very positive about promoting businesses within the community. You could also get some leaflets or flyers printed at affordable rates and distribute them around the neighbourhood to increase local custom.

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