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No social share button for Instagram, Why is that?

May 15 2020

No social share button for Instagram. Why is that?

For therapists, the use of social media as a tool for running and promoting our clinics has never been more important than it is today. ...
Top tips for creating engaging content for therapists

May 9 2020

Top tips for creating engaging content for therapists

If you're struggling to engage with your clients online and reach out to new clients, it may be that you aren't offering the right content ...
Is LinkedIn suitable for therapists

May 2 2020

Is LinkedIn suitable for therapists?

Are you a therapist who is pondering how you might use LinkedIn? We have touched previously on why, and how, social media networks such as ...
Instagram for therapy classes

Apr 17 2020

Benefits of using Instagram for therapy classes

It’s a strange time for all businesses right now, not to mention therapists. Those who rely on face to face interaction for their businesses are ...
digital marketing tips for therapists

Apr 15 2020

Top digital marketing tips for therapists

In today's modern world, having a strong online presence is essential for every service provider, including therapists. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, using effective ...
social media marketing during a health epidemic

Mar 30 2020

How to adapt your social media marketing during a health epidemic

If you are a self-employed therapist or own your own therapy business, social media is most likely something that you already use as a key ...
Local SEO for Therapists

Mar 25 2020

SEO for therapists: How locally focused optimisation can boost your client base

For any therapy service or business, especially those starting up, reaching the right customer base can be the first hurdle to building up that client ...
Holding your classes and events online via Webinars

Mar 24 2020

Holding your classes and events online via Webinars

For most businesses, everything is at a standstill right now. Just a few weeks ago, many businesses had adopted a ‘business as usual’ mantra. It ...
What clients want from a therapy website

Oct 18 2018

What clients want from a therapy website

When developing a therapy website, there are a huge number of considerations to factor into the overall website design process, from the content to the ...
Website design for therapists key phrases and keywords

Sep 25 2018

Website design for therapists: key phrases and keywords

Millions of people around the world use the internet to find goods and services every day. They utilise search engines like Google to research the ...
Mobile web design matters

Sep 12 2018

Why mobile design matters

A website for a therapy business that hasn't been optimised for mobile can be a real headache! This headache for customers leads to a headache ...
How therapy websites should use the psychology of colour

Aug 14 2018

How therapy websites should use the psychology of colour

The psychology of colour is becoming increasingly popular in website design, marketing and branding. Tapping into the inherent associations people have with colours, the use ...
Unique Website concept with ducks

Jul 30 2018

5 ways to make your website unique

When people search for therapy services online, they have so many different options to choose from. For any therapist, this means that you have to ...
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Jul 24 2018

Improve the SEO of your therapy business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important consideration for any therapist wanting to attract new business via a website. It's all very well creating your ...
therapy website content

Jun 28 2018

3 reasons – other than SEO – why your therapy website should include detailed content

You may have heard the phrase 'content is king' a few times before. The primary reason why marketers value content so much is that sites ...
upgrade to HTTPS

Jun 21 2018

Google’s deadline for HTTPS effective from July 2018

Google has been campaigning for years to push all websites to become secure by default, so their latest announcement will not come as too much ...

Jun 11 2018

4 signs your website is outdated

The Internet is a platform that is constantly evolving. Your business needs to follow suit if you are to stay ahead of the competition. An ...

Jun 4 2018

Make you the centre of your therapy website

Great news, your customers want your products and therapy services. But what they really buy into is people – reliable, professional, trustworthy and competent people, ...

Jun 1 2018

Why adding a case study page could be the most cost-effective way to boost business

Having a brilliantly designed website to promote your therapy skills and sell your services can do wonders for your business. It can give you a ...

May 29 2018

Five marketing methods to boost conversions for your therapy website

Your website design should work as a conversion machine for your therapy business. Marketing and sales are all about grabbing visitors’ attention more effectively than ...

May 25 2018

Designing a website for lead generation

When it comes to building your therapy business online, lead generation is an absolutely integral part of how you will succeed in gaining clients, and ...

May 9 2018

The importance of a user friendly therapist website

As a therapist, you more than likely offer services that help people; whether it’s a yoga class, healing services or something else entirely. What’s more, ...

May 3 2018

Enhancing your digital shop window

It’s incredibly rare to come across an organisation without an online presence. The internet has given companies the ability to reach audiences far and wide, ...

Apr 24 2018

Affordable marketing tips for therapists

Therapists and healers looking to increase the digital reach of their business can take advantage of a number of free marketing tools to help optimise ...

Apr 18 2018

3 ways to make your website more engaging

Whether you're looking to create relationships with new clients or just gather data on potential areas of improvement, a well-designed, engaging website can be a ...

Apr 6 2018

How to improve your Google local business ranking

So you've spent time developing a great website for your business as part of your digital marketing strategy. You've invested in some basic SEO, set ...

Mar 28 2018

Web design mistakes that are hurting your search engine ranking

It does not matter whether you offer exclusive Thai massages or you operate a yoga business, the importance of good website design and effective SEO ...