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Browser Settings

Browser Settings

You can control cookies within your web browser settings, below is information on how to change these settings within the most popular web browsers.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer. Generally they’re used by websites to maintain your preferences, identify your session, store items in shopping carts and for storing authentication status. These files cannot harm your computer, but they can potentially be used to track some of your browser activity.

In majority of cases cookies are harmless, and you will only diminish your browsing experience by disabling them using the instructions below. In some cases websites will not work if you disable cookies in your web browser.

Most of the web browsers below allow you to opt out of third party cookies, while leaving first party cookies switched on. Third party cookies are issued by websites other than the website you’re looking at at the time, and can allow those web services to track you as you browse from site to site. Facebook and Google do this.

If you just want to avoid the most invasive cookies but leave most other stuff in working order, it can be a good option to turn off third party cookies using the browser settings below.

For instructions on how to clear the cache on various browsers please visit: