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Social Media

Working with influencers to promote your therapy business

Jul 25 2020

Working with influencers to promote your therapy business

If you work in the therapy industry, you’ll know that word-of-mouth testimonials and reviews are a key way to promote your business. Whether on or ...
Incorporating social media feeds into your web presence

May 28 2020

Incorporating social media feeds into your web presence

Why is a social media presence important for therapists? In this digital age, having an online presence is absolutely essential for therapists to reach new ...
No social share button for Instagram, Why is that?

May 15 2020

No social share button for Instagram. Why is that?

For therapists, the use of social media as a tool for running and promoting our clinics has never been more important than it is today. ...
Is LinkedIn suitable for therapists

May 2 2020

Is LinkedIn suitable for therapists?

Are you a therapist who is pondering how you might use LinkedIn? We have touched previously on why, and how, social media networks such as ...
Instagram for therapy classes

Apr 17 2020

Benefits of using Instagram for therapy classes

It’s a strange time for all businesses right now, not to mention therapists. Those who rely on face to face interaction for their businesses are ...
digital marketing tips for therapists

Apr 15 2020

Top digital marketing tips for therapists

In today's modern world, having a strong online presence is essential for every service provider, including therapists. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, using effective ...
social media marketing during a health epidemic

Mar 30 2020

How to adapt your social media marketing during a health epidemic

If you are a self-employed therapist or own your own therapy business, social media is most likely something that you already use as a key ...

May 29 2018

Five marketing methods to boost conversions for your therapy website

Your website design should work as a conversion machine for your therapy business. Marketing and sales are all about grabbing visitors’ attention more effectively than ...

Apr 24 2018

Affordable marketing tips for therapists

Therapists and healers looking to increase the digital reach of their business can take advantage of a number of free marketing tools to help optimise ...

Mar 20 2018

Why word of mouth still matters in the digital age

In our high-tech society you might not think that word of mouth is important anymore, but when it comes to promoting a business with a ...

Feb 27 2018

How social media marketing can drive traffic to your website

If you are a therapist with your own business and website then one key point to think about is driving traffic to it. By taking ...

Feb 16 2018

Using videos on your therapy website

Creating a seamless and modern user experience for your audience has never been more important to engage potential clients and differentiate yourself from your competition. ...

Dec 5 2017

Why your therapy business should be on Instagram

Instagram is relatively new in the social media world. Despite this, it should form a part of an effective digital marketing strategy for any business; ...

Dec 4 2017

3 benefits of driving traffic to your therapy site with paid social ads

As one of the most powerful marketing tools available, social media can be used to drive additional traffic through to websites at a huge rate, ...

Nov 25 2017

Use your website to become a therapy thought leader

Have you considered sharing your expertise and becoming a thought leader in the world of therapy? With the power of the Internet, it's easier than ...

Jun 12 2017

How to incorporate videos into your website to improve sales

With websites becoming so easily accessible for all business owners, you need to constantly be looking for ways to market yourself in a way that ...

Apr 19 2017

Should you be using social media to market your therapist business?

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most popular and powerful websites on the Internet. They can drive huge volumes of ...

Oct 6 2016

What does social media marketing actually achieve?

For many people, social media channels have become an increasingly important part of their daily lives over the past decade or so. They still offer ...

Sep 14 2016

How to use social media to increase website visits

Your website is a vital tool for your holistic therapy business. It acts as a shop window that enables people to discover what you do ...

Sep 7 2016

3 hottest digital marketing trends for 2016

We move at such a fast rate through the digital age, that often it's necessary to take a step back, take stock, and consider what ...

Jun 21 2016

Outreach from your website to your clients

Your website is a major part of your digital marketing. It’s not only where people can find you, but also the base from where you ...

Jun 12 2016

Making Facebook work for you

Everyone has a presence on Facebook nowadays. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, a franchise or a friend, having a spot on the world’s ...