Why your complementary therapy business needs a website

27 Jun 2017

Smaller enterprises, particularly sole traders with limited customer bases, don’t always see the value of having a website. Many complementary therapist businesses fall into this category. However a website can be just as valuable for smaller businesses as for larger ones, and it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Here are just three reasons why you should have one too.

1. Tells people you are there!

These days, with the internet so accessible on mobile phones, many potential customers wanting your service will search for businesses like yours online. Without a web page it almost appears that you don’t exist. Alternative advertising methods just don’t reach people as easily and even word of mouth recommendations are far more effective when the person receiving them can check out the business themselves online.

2. Answers questions people have about you and your services

Your website can clarify everything there is to know about what you do and what’s involved in the therapeutic service you provide, including such important things as location, cost, availability and whether it is suitable or unsuitable for certain categories of people e.g. expectant mothers. Without this you may find yourself fielding such queries by phone or email on a regular basis, which is far more time consuming and can get frustrating. Even worse, a lot of prospective customers will move onto a rival organisation and won’t bother asking the questions in the first place.

3. It’s key to marketing and promoting your business

Your website helps to market your business, hosting anything from testimonials from regular customers about their experiences to articles and news stories about the positive impact of the service you offer. Not to mention that a website acts as a focal point for all digital marketing activity you engage in, directing interested audiences there so they can find out more about you.

These days there are so many website design options varying widely in terms of complexity and cost, that there’s something to suit everyone. So why put it off? Speak to us here at HealthHosts today and see what might suit your business.

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