Convenience is not an option! Functionality is the hallmark of great website design

07 Jan 2018
Man holding smartphone with use contact form on website

Does your website work? At its most basic, a website normally has two functions: one is to inform your audience about your services, the other is to give them the tools they need to take advantage of the options you provide. Unfortunately, there are a large number of sites out there that contain great copy, engaging videos and some exciting blog posts, but they completely fail to give your chosen audience the means to easily take advantage of what you’ve got to offer. If you’ve got a website that looks amazing but isn’t delivering the leads you’re looking for, have you considered the following options?

Instant chat or an online contact form

Although some people may take a more considered approach to finding a therapist, many will be looking on a spur-of-the-moment basis, perhaps prompted by a worsening of their mental or physical health, or a recent trauma which has highlighted the need for additional assistance. In these circumstances, having a prompt, online method of communication is vital. Some people won’t want to pick up the phone – an online contact method overcomes that barrier.

Online bookings can help

Although the nature of your services may preclude the booking of a full appointment (you may wish to do some initial screening or assessment before taking on a client), the opportunity to book contact of some sort, be it a ring back or online chat, can often tempt a client to leave their details.

Capture those details!

If someone visits your site, take advantage of their presence to request their details. This not only enables you to follow up potential clients, but if you obtain permission at the time of sign up you can also send periodic emails highlighting your services, any promotional offers or other news and items of interest.

Responsive website design is crucial

Not only does your site need to encourage interaction, it also needs to be responsive (suitable for the small screen), easy to navigate and designed to make the process of engagement as easy and inevitable as possible. Make things easy for your clients – we can show you how.

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