Designing a website for lead generation

25 May 2018
website for lead generation

When it comes to building your therapy business online, lead generation is an absolutely integral part of how you will succeed in gaining clients, and ultimately accruing revenue.

But how do you go about creating a website that stands out, encourages return visits, and makes you the best option when compared to your competition? The key is thinking about exactly what it is you want to achieve – whether it’s building credibility and awareness through providing insightful content, getting customers to book online or simply adding them to your database – and then building a website that allows you to reach those objectives.

Tactics and strategy

When creating a website, it’s important not to think of it simply as a selection of pages; your website needs to be a single organism that works in your business’ favour. You need to know exactly what you want victors to do when they land on your website, and you must then consider how best to produce – and subsequently display – the content that will get them to do it.

And, when it comes to content, it needs to be more than interesting and engaging; it must also showcase you as an industry expert. You have to be a thought leader because potential clients will want to work with therapists that set the agenda and are industry pioneers.

Also, you must acknowledge the customer journey, and consider how best to lead the visitor from A to B. Make the journey as simple and intuitive as possible, while also pointing them in the direction in which you want them to head. Here’s a great formula that can help you plan your marketing strategy

The cherry on top

Of course, you must also ensure that your website looks beautiful, accurately reflects your business and its overall culture and ambitions, and gives your potential customer a comprehensive insight into how you can help them.

Your website is your primary marketing and advertising tool; it is the best way to represent what you do and how you do it, and gives you the opportunity to reach people that may otherwise be unreachable. By understanding your client’s challenges and pain points, and letting them know how you can tackle the issues and difficulties they have, you will be able to establish your therapy business as a reputable name in your field and gain new clients.

Want to find out more about how your website design can help with lead generation? Contact the team at Health Hosts today.

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