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Access Your Spam Quarantine

To access your spam quarantine please go to: https://mailguardian.co.uk/ 

Enter your email address and click the “Forgot Password” link to get a password sent to you

Now check your email and login to MailGuardian with the new password that’s been sent to you.

To check emails that have been caught in your quarantine:

  1. Click “View My Quarantine” in the left menu
  2. If there are any genuine emails that you need sent to you check them
  3. Then click release… OR…
  4. If the emails are from a trusted regular sender you might want to whitelist their address, in this case click the whitelist button and choose “Whitelist Sender”We don’t recommend clicking “whitelist sender domain” if the email is from something like gmail.com because then any spam coming from gmail will get through to you. Its best to choose just the “Whitelist Sender” option