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Activate your affiliate account

Refer clients to us and earn money at the same time.

We offer a 10% recurring commission on the monthly payment of any active clients that you refer to us who signup for a website.

So if you were to refer 10 clients to us who signup you will earn £10 per month each and every month. If you were to refer 100 clients to us who signed up you would earn £100 per month!

It's easy to activate your affiliate account, simply login to your client area here: and then

  • click on the "Affiliates" option in the menu
  • and then click the "Activate Affiliate Account" button

Once you have done that you will be taken to your affiliate page where you can see all your stats as per the screenshot below

  • Your unique affiliate link, people you refer to us using this link will assigned to your affiliate account and then you will start earning commission
  • Here is a list of all your active signups
  • At the bottom there are numerous banners you can use to help you promote your link to us

To activate your affiliate account click here and login: