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Adding an image gallery

To add a new image gallery into any page of your website is a simple task that can be done in a couple of minutes. Follow the steps below to achieve this.

  • Goto the page where you want to add the gallery
  • Put your cursor into the page where youy want the gallery to appear and then click the "Add Media" button thats above the page editor
  • In the left side click on the option "Create Gallery"
  • Either upload new images or select the media tab and select images that are already in your media library.
  • Tick all the images that you want to appear in the gallery
  • Click the "Create new gallery" button thats in the bottom right corner
  • On the next page you can give a caption to each image if you like, in the right side change the "Link to" option from Attachment page to Media File. Select the number of columns you want the gallery displayed in and put a tick in the random order box if you want the images to be displayed randomly every time the page loads. If you want to manually order the images, you can drag and frop them into your desired order position
  • Click "Insert gallery
  • Click the "Update or publich" button on the page to save the page