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Connect your website to Google Analytics using Analytify

We use the Pro version of Analytify so you can connect and have all your Google Analytics directly within your website admin area.

We will set this up for you automatically when your website goes live, however you might want to connect it to a different analytics account in the future or if you have had a website with us for a long time it might not be connected.

If you do not have the Analytify software in your website admin area please contact us and we will install it for you

Here is how to connect your website to your Google account:

Firstly login to your website admin area and in the left menu go to "Analytify > Settings" and then to the "Authentication" tab and click the "Log in with your Google Analytics" account

login to analytics

On the next screen you will be asked to login to your google account and it will ask for permission for Analytify to access your Analytics, you need to select the "Allow" option

allow google analytics

On the next screen

  1. Go to the "Profile" Tab
  2. Change the option for "Install Google Analytics tracking code" to Yes
  3. In the profile for posts drop down select "All Web Site Data" for your website
  4. In the profile for dashboard drop down select "All Web Site Data" for your website
  5. Change the "Hide profiles list" to Yes
  6. Click Save Changes
setup profile

And that's it, your website is now connected to Google Analytics.

One last thing to do is to clear your website cache, to do this:

  1. Hover over the Litespeed option in your admin header bar
  2. Click Purge All
purge cache