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Setting up your payment forms for use with stripe

Getting Your Stripe API Keys

To use stripe payment features you will need to obtain your stripe API Keys, do do this firstly login to stripe here:

If you don’t have a stripe account you will need to signup for one, we have some info on how to do this click here

Once logged in go to > Developers > API Keys

You will need to copy your Publishable Key and then your Secret Key and paste these into your

Adding in Your API Keys

Now in your website dashboard go to WPPayFormsPro > Settings > Stripe > and paste in your keys and set to live mode and save the settings

Company / Business Name

Then scroll further down the page and add in your Company/Business Name and also put a tick in the Stripe Meta Box

Recurring Payments/Subscriptions

If you will be using recurring payments/subscriptions you will also need to setup your Webhook. To do this scroll further down your settings the page for your Webhook information

Now go back to your stripe dashboard and goto Developers > Webhooks >

And click the Add endpoint button

Paste your web hook into the Endpoint URL Box and add in the 5 webhooks, you can copy each of these and paste them into the Select events dropdown box to easily find and add them