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Hide a page or blog post from public view

Hide your page or post

If you would like to hide a website page or blog post from the public here is what you need to do. Firstly find and edit  the page you want to hide in your website admin area then in the top right corner in the Publish box change the status to Draft, click OK and then Update.

Now no one will be able to access your page accept you when you are logged into your website

Remove the page from your menu

Now you will also want to remove the page from your website menu as this will still be visible and anyone clicking on the menu link now will be presented with a “Page not found” message.

To do this go to > Appearance > Menus > Select the page you want to remove and click the Remove link and then click save

Now your page in completely hidden from the public.

Editing and saving the hidden draft page

When editing and saving the draft page make sure you click the Save Draft button after your changes to keep the page in a hidden/draft status, do not click the publish button as this will take the page out of draft status and publish it

Making your website page live again

When you are ready to make your page live again simply edit the page and in the Publish box click the Publish button

Adding the page back into the menu

After you have re-published your page it will then need to be added back into your website menu so your visitors can see it again. Go to > Appearance > Menus > click view all or search tabs > find and select your page > now click the Add to Menu button, the page will now be added to the bottom of your menu, click the save button.

Re-order the pages in the menu

If you want to re-order the pages in the menu you can drag and drop them to the position you want and then click save.