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How to add a menu link that goes to an external website page

sometimes you might want to link one of your menu items to a page on a different website, for example you might have an affiliate shop somewhere and want to add a link to that in your main website menu.

To do this go to > Appearance > Menus > and in the left column choose the “Custom Links” Tab

Now you can type or paste the URL (website address) in the “URL” box and then also add the menu name you want it to be called in the “Link Text” box once done click the “Add to menu” button, now you can drag and drop the new menu item to the correct position in your menu

As you are linking to an external page you probably also want that link to open in a new window so the user is not completely taken away from your website, to do this you need to click on “Screen Options” at the top of the page and then put a tick in “Link target”


When you have done that you can now go into the options of the new menu item you have created and put a tick in “open in a new tab” and then click the save button

That’s it, your done, you will have now successfully added a new menu item that links to an external web page in a new window