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How to Cancel Your Website / Account

If you wish to cancel your website then please contact us via our contact form with this request. We will then send you a short cancellation form to complete which will give you options to either completely delete the site or we can make a backup just in case you want it restored in the future.

When the website is cancelled the website will be completely deleted from our servers. If you want the website to be restored again in the future then we can make a backup of the website prior to deletion, the cost of this backup and storage is a one off £25+vat fee. There would also be a one off fee to restore the site in the future, currently this is £50+vat.

NOTE: If you plan on restoring the site in the future one thing to be aware of is closing the website will mean all your Google rankings will be lost, when a website is live it’s accumulating SEO score, if the website ceases to exist this SEO score is lost. So you need to be aware of this prior to closing the site even for a temporary period. Also, the cost to backup a site and restoring it is more than 5 months service, so once again if you are thinking of restoring in 5-6 months is it worth cancelling and losing all your search rankings.