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How to delete old emails to recover storage space

If you want to reduce the size of your mailbox you will need to delete old emails or upgrade your mailbox to increase your storage, contact us if you would like to upgrade.

To delete old emails login to your webmail and go to “Webmail Home” in the left menu

Then scroll down and click on “Manage Disk Usage”

Once you are in there you will see a list of all your folders and the size that’s being used in each folder under the “Disk Usage” column. Next to that there is an option to manage that particular folder, click it and it will display some options to delete mail based on certain criteria

simply choose your preferred option of what to delete and click the delete button.

You can do the same for all or any of the folders where you want to reduce the size.

You will find that your trash folder might be the one you want to clean up first as this may grow quite large