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How to enable maintenance / under construction mode on your website

Sometimes you may want to hide your website from the general public so no one can see it and instead display a custom message which is instead

To place your website in a "maintenance / Under Construction" mode login to your website admin area and follow these steps

  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Coming Soon Pro option
  • Put a dot in Enable Maintenance Mode (we advise always using under maintenance mode unless you plan on having the site in the mode for a very long time)
  • Click Save All Changes
  • If you want to edit the message on the maintenance page click the Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page button

Note: after you either enable or disable the maintenance mode its a good idea to clear the websites cache

Maintenance Mode Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial of how to enable the Maintenance Mode feature on your website. Please make sure you have sound available.