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How to i change the preview / snippet text that appears in Google searches

When a Google search is done there are a few things that are displayed in the search results which are mainly the website title and the “Meta Description” which can also be know as the snippet.

By default if you have not added a custom Meta Description then Google will automatically compile a description based on the page content. If you would prefer to add a custom description then you can do this by editing the snippet.

Here is an example of a pages search result in Google

To change this edit the page in your website admin area and scroll down to the SEO section and click the Edit snippet button


Once you click that you will see the 3 main boxes that appear in google searches, we advise that you do not change the Slug unless its a new page. This is the website page address and changing it could cause broken links from google search results.

  • SEO Title

    In the SEO Title box this will automatically be generated based on your website title and the page title, usually you can leave this unless you wanted to customise it further

  • Slug

    Its best to leave this unless you know what you are doing

  • Meta description

    This is the area you will likely want to change, simply type your description into the box until you get the green indicator mark, this will then let you know its the ideal length to appear in the Google search results. Its a good idea to include the keyword/phrase thats relevant to this page in the meta description box. Its best if every page has a unique meta description.

After making any changes it make take a couple of weeks before the changes start to appear in the search results pages.