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How to setup email forwarders in your cPanel / Roundcube email

An email forwarder allows you to forward on all of your email to a different email account. The email will still remain in the original mailbox, but a copy will also be sent to whatever email address you would like it forwarded to. You can setup many email forwarders for the same email if you like.

Login to webmail

To set this up firstly login to your webmail, to do this goto your website address and add /webmail to the end, for example: https://www.yourdomainname/webmail

login to your cpanel roundcube webmail

Webmail Home

Once you have logged in in the top right corner click on "Webmail Home"

webmail home

Email Forwarders

Then scroll down to the Forwarders option and click

email forwarders

Add Forwarder

On the next page click the "Add Forwarder" button

add forwarder

Add Destination Email Address

On the next screen type in the full email address where you want your email forwarded to and then click the "Add Forwarder" button

destination email

Email Forwarder Video Tutorial

Here is a short video showing you all the above steps