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How to setup your cPanel email in Mac Mail

Open Mac Mail and in the top left corner click > Mail > Add Account

setting up email in mac mail- add account

On the next screen choose the option > Other Mail Account > and click continue

Choose Mail Account Provider

choose mail account provider

Add Mail Account

On the next screen you need to add:

  1. Your name, this is what people will see when they receive an email from you, I just added my first name in this example but you can add your full name if you prefer
  2. The Email address, this is the email that you are setting up
  3. The email password (make sure the password is entered exactly as we sent)
  4. Click "Sign In"

All these details have been sent to you in your email account setup email

add mail account

Unable to verify account name or password

On the next screen you will likely see a message that says: "Unable to verify account name or password" This is normal and you just need to add all your details in the relevant boxes

unable to verify account

Add Your Details & Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server Settings

  1. Your email should already be filled in this box, if not then add it
  2. You need to also add your email address into the "User Name box" so the email address and the username is the same
  3. Your password should be auto filled in, if not then add your password
  4. Account type we recommend you leave as IMAP, this will allow you to setup your email account on multiple devices and have all your emails, folders and sent emails synchronised across all your devices where you have the account setup on.
  5. Add your incoming and outgoing mailserver, this will be the same for both and will be in the format (replacing with your actual domain name. Once again all these details will have been sent to you in an email
  6. Click Sign In
Add your email account details

Email Setup Completed

That's it, your email setup is complete, now click "Done"

mac mail email setup comnpleted

Mainbox Location

If you already have other email accounts setup in Mac Mail then you will see your new mailbox located under your inbox folder

new mailbox location

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is a video running through all the above steps