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Managing and deleting emails in your SmarterMail mailbox


To delete emails from your SmarterMail mailbox and reduce your storage limit you can login to the web mail and delete emails from your inbox and sent items.

When you first login to your email you will see your storage limit, by default you have 1000mb. If Your usage also goes to the limit then emails will be rejected and so you will either need to delete some emails or upgrade to a higher storage level, to upgrade please contact us

After you logged in go to your inbox or your sent items and click the size column to sort your emails by size, if you want to reduce the email storage you are using its better to delete large emails and this is the way to sort them so you can see all the large ones.

You can then select multiple emails at the same time by clicking on the first email hold the “shift” key down on your keyboard and then click on the last email, this will select all emails between the two. Once selected choose the delete option at the top

Beware, once emails are deleted they cannot be retrieved / restored, they are permanently deleted