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Release an email from the spam quarantine

If you are missing an email that you are definite that someone has sent to you then it might have been blocked by the spam filter, you can login and check your spam quarantine and release the email by following these instructions.

First login to your spam dashboard: https://antispam1.webspeed.co.uk

If you need to retrieve login details for your spam quarantine see these instructions

Once you have logged in to your dashboard click on the “Spam quarantine” icon

Then you can scroll down to see all your quarantined messages, find the message you want to release and click the drop down arrow from the list next to the message and choose the option “Release and train from quarantine”

Then within a few minutes the email will be released to your inbox

If you also want to white list a senders email address so they are never blocked again please see these instructions: https://www.healthhosts.com/docs/how-to-white-list-an-email/