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Setting up a stripe account to accept credit & debit card payments

When selling your services or products online there are a few main options to accept payments which are:

  • Manual payment (e.g. person give you a cheque, cash or bank transfer)
  • PayPal (for people with a paypal account, if paypal business is used then credit/debit cards can also be accepted)
  • Stripe (for credit/debit cards)

We prefer using Stripe for online payments, it’s fairly easy to setup and works seamlessly with the shopping cart that we use. There are no monthly charges and all you pay is a small fee/percentage per transaction which currently when writing this is 1.4% & 20p for European cards and 2.9% & 20p for non-European cards. You can view stripe pricing here:

Setting up a stripe account, it takes less than 10 minutes

Firstly signup for an account at stripe – and add your name, email and choose a password that you will use in the future to access your account

You must also now check your email address as stripe would have sent you a confirmation email, you will need to click the link in this email to confirm your email address.

After you have logged in you will need to activate your account

This requires adding all your business details along with your bank details, this is where money is transferred to after people pay you via stripe. Money is transferred to your bank approximately 5 days after it’s received in your stripe account.

After you have done that for us to be able to integrate stripe into your website to allow you to accept payments you need to add us as a user on your account, to do this click on the business settings link.

Then click on Team and then New User

Add our email address and choose the Administrator option and click the Invite button


We will then get an invitation so we can access your stripe account to allow us to connect your website up.