Enhancing your digital shop window

03 May 2018
Enhancing your digital shop window

It’s incredibly rare to come across an organisation without an online presence. The internet has given companies the ability to reach audiences far and wide, and target people based on habits and needs, as opposed to just being able to appeal to people who happen to live nearby. This is a fascinating prospect for every organisation, regardless of sector.

Be professional and credible

However, the internet is a crowded place. Regardless of what your business does, there will be someone out there who claims to be able to do it better, and it is your job to ensure your company is regarded as superior.

While an old adage states that you should never judge a book by its cover, it is common knowledge that most people’s first opinion is based entirely on looks. A product with slick marketing will always appear more attractive when compared to one with advertising done on a tight budget.

And the same is true with a website: in order to position yourself as credible and reliable, you must first give consumers a visual impression of you that is professional and enticing. The quality service and product can then come later so as to supplement the website.

Know your audience

The key to any effective website design is making it appeal to your target audience. You want it to be easily navigable and as intuitive as possible, while also being distinct enough to set you apart from other websites operating in a similar space.

With specific regard to therapy websites, there are a set number of reasons why someone will visit; they tend to want answers to specific questions, contact details, and assurances from an expert. Make sure that these sections are prominent, but without being overwhelming. Striking a subtle balance can be tricky, but understated content is far better at driving conversions than something that is clearly little more than a brazen sales pitch.

Resting on your laurels

Even once you’ve designed a stellar website that is a boon to your business, you must remain vigilant and refrain from resting on your laurels. There’s always more that can be done to enhance your pages, and finding new ways to refresh, revise and ultimately improve the health of your website is crucial. A good starting point to this is to consider using one of our website themes as a foundation for your new website

Website makeovers are common, largely because trends come and go quickly. It won’t take long for your website to look outdated or old-fashioned, so keep looking for ways to reinvigorate your content. Modifications need not be huge – sometimes a subtle change of font or layout will be all that is required.

Websites have the capacity to transform a business, so take the time to ensure yours matches your business’ personality and culture, and do all you can to keep it fresh, relevant, and interesting. Appeal to your audience, let them know why they can trust you, and you’ll have set the foundations for success.

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