Five marketing methods to boost conversions for your therapy website

29 May 2018
Five marketing methods to boost conversions for your therapy website

Your website design should work as a conversion machine for your therapy business. Marketing and sales are all about grabbing visitors’ attention more effectively than your competitors – and then shaping that attention quickly into customer actions and enquiries. Hence, you’re able to help more people as your business grows.

So, what could you do to convert more of your site traffic into paying clients?

Harness social media and reverse-engineer your marketing content

Gear your blog articles, social media posts and paid ads towards what works for your competitors. Entice visitors with irresistible headlines and lifestyle photos. Point them in the direction of actual market demand, bring people to your site on the basis of improving their wellness. Use well-researched calls to action throughout your site, especially above the fold, with links to your contact details. The entire site is an ongoing funnel to your client action pages.

Build social proof and display customer testimonials prominently

Trust goes a long way – not least in the realms of therapy and healthcare. Display star ratings, quotes, industry certifications and site security measures. Show visitors clearly that you have a large number of followers and satisfied patients, to establish crucial trust in your brand and the therapy services you provide. Build your social media following and feature this social proof throughout your website to increase your traffic and conversion rate. Remember that there’s a lot of power between those quote marks.

Include a face-to-face video on your homepage

A prominent on-site video can be extremely powerful in terms of building trust with your potential therapy clients. You’re trying to simulate a personal, face-to-face consultation as much as possible – not least because you can build trust early and give your clients an idea of what to expect from your services. A professional video can turn your therapy brand into a real person.

Use large, positive images on your website

With the ongoing dominance of image-led social media channels, audiences have never been more visually driven. Use high-quality images of people to complement your products and services, to create a positive vibe from the get-go. Meet your audience’s expectations of how your site should look and feel. You have split-seconds to capture your visitors’ attention and funnel it towards your sales or contact pages – so make sure you’re making the most of your users’ experience. If your website design isn’t mobile-responsive at this point, then you’re also missing out on a massive share of the market.

Strip back any drains on your visitors’ attention

Slow-loading sites get ignored. Cluttered sites get ignored. Older, uninspiring sites get ignored. Update and simplify the design of your website to make desired actions bigger and more prominent, guide your potential clients smoothly towards your action pages. This largely comes down to a carefully tailored site layout and a professionally designed user experience, which is where we specialise.

If you’d like to know more about what we could do for your website, and how to boost online conversions for your therapy business, just get in touch on 01206 625440 – or contact us here by form, email or live chat.

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