Give your healthcare website a health check

06 Jul 2017

People have been turning to the internet for information in increasing numbers for the last few years, which is why you’ve got a website for your therapy business. But have you checked your website design lately? Are you using all the latest features or does your site look a little old fashioned and neglected? Here’s our checklist for a website health check:

Times have changed

Even if your site is only a couple of years old, the chances are it looks dated. Technology moves quickly, and so do the expectations of users. If visitors find a stale looking website, they are less likely to get in touch to make an appointment. A quick freshen up can work wonders.

The way that people access websites has changed a great deal in recent years too; whereas previously the concern was making sure your site would work on different resolutions of monitors, now you need to make sure that visitors can access your site on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. If they can’t, you could be losing business.

One stop shop

Make it as easy as possible for clients to find the information they need. Tell them about yourself, what you do, what your skills and experience are – and most importantly how they can make an appointment. With modern website design, it’s possible to offer a call back service, or to let customers make their own appointments through your site.

Search out other websites and look to see how they are doing things; make notes from a few different sites of what seems to work and what doesn’t and take that on board in your own site.


Type your name into google and see where you appear on the list of suggested sites. Try again with your main therapy, or include your location – are you coming anywhere near the top of the list? If not then your site needs search engine optimisation. You can do this yourself, but with search engine algorithms changing all the time, your site will need regular refreshes.

There’s no doubt that a website can be a useful tool in attracting customers. If you’d like help from a team with healthcare design experience, please get in touch today.

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