Why good-quality content is so important for your complementary therapy website

06 Jul 2017

In addition to good website design, fresh, interesting and good-quality content is the key to driving traffic to your complementary therapy business website.

Who is your audience?

For a marketing campaign to work it must be relevant to the audience you are trying to reach, i.e. anyone who would benefit from or who may be looking for the therapy you provide.

Each of the social media networks has its own different demographic, so you need to check the current information on each platform to make sure you are sharing your content with the most appropriate audience.

Look at what your customers are sharing on social media and target your content accordingly. This is a great way of gaining free advocacy and is a marketing tool you shouldn’t overlook.

Avoid self-reference

Continual self-reference is not going to stimulate engagement. Instead, use narrative or anecdotes to show what health benefits the therapy you provide has to offer. Use the word ‘you’ to personalise your copy and minimise promotional content to keep your community interested.

Sharing what works

If you’re not really a writer, try getting your message across in a different format; infographics, photographs or short instructional or product demonstration videos all work well. A professional website design company will be able to help you with this aspect of your site.

If you enjoy what you are doing and are passionate about the subject matter, it will come across to your readers and viewers. That’s the key to encouraging repeat visits and shares.

Use metrics

One great benefit of sharing your links and content on social media platforms is the many free metric tools available which allow you monitor and keep track of how effective your contact actually is. The only way you can be sure of just how effective your campaigns are is to know how many people read your content and how many shared it or acted on it.

If it turns out that a particular content type or platform isn’t delivering, focus your effort elsewhere on the ones that are.

Boost your site’s traffic today

Your content marketing strategy will gradually build over time if you keep it fresh and well-targeted. Make sure your long-term content marketing plan has reasonable expectations. Identify your audience, share what’s relevant in the right places and systematically measure the results of your campaigns. For help from the experts, contact us at Health Hosts.

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