Is your high expertise holding back your website?

25 Jan 2017

As a complementary therapist, you have a wide range of skills, backed up by a wealth of knowledge. These are two key ways in which you will differ from most of the people who are considering making use of your services. They are likely to do so because of your skills, but there is a danger that they might fail to because of the extent of your knowledge! Your language and content could be turning them off without even realising it.

Away from the world of therapy, consider your own life. There are times when you will need to make use of experts in a wide range of fields, both work related and in your personal life. You are likely to choose those you think are both best equipped to help and who can provide you with the confidence to trust in them. Yet you can also be wary of someone who almost seems ‘too much of an expert’. An example of this would be when you visit their website and find it full of technical language, perhaps simply listing their achievements, or telling you how great they believe they or their company are.

Each of these can switch you, their potential customer, off from making use of their services. You’d be much more likely to contact a person or business through a website design that engages you with reasons they can be trusted and benefits they can offer – ultimately providing a solution to your problems in a clear, approachable and easy-to-read way. The content will show an understanding of your needs, the outcomes you seek, whilst also appreciating and dealing with any anxieties you might have.

Usually, the sins of poorly constructed website design and content mentioned earlier are accidental, committed because that individual or business writes the copy themselves and are too close to what they do – therefore describing it using their level of expertise which the customer lacks. This can result in content that switches off rather than inspires and motivates.

Could your therapy website benefit from carefully tailored content and design optimised to target your ideal customers? Contact us today to find out more.

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