Holding your classes and events online via Webinars

24 Mar 2020
Holding your classes and events online via Webinars

For most businesses, everything is at a standstill right now. Just a few weeks ago, many businesses had adopted a ‘business as usual’ mantra. It quickly became clear that this was the wrong attitude, and slowly but surely, businesses all over the world came to a halt. 

Therapy of all kinds is a fantastic way to improve the health and wellbeing of clients, however, it often requires face to face contact. Unfortunately, this will not be a good idea for the foreseeable future. As a therapist, whether you are helping clients to talk through their issues or you are showing them how to do a downward dog, this could be very scary for you. Try not to panic, though; all is not lost. You can still help your audience and generate a passive income. How? By holding classes and events online via webinars. 

There are numerous benefits to webinars, and they could be the answer if you’re looking for a way to supplement your income and provide the therapy that many need right now. Staying on top of our mental health needs in times like this is paramount. 

Let’s take a look at how holding your classes and events online will benefit you and those taking them!

There’s No Limit To The Number Of Students You Can Accept

One of the great things about hosting online classes in the form of a webinar, is that you do not have to turn people away once you hit a certain amount. When offering your services in person, you will usually only be able to help a small number of people at once. This may be the amount of people that can fit in one classroom, for example.

However, offering a webinar online means you can accept anyone, anywhere. This means you are able to generate perhaps even more income than you would have by providing your services in person. People will be able to enjoy what you have to offer from anywhere in the world. You will be seriously expanding your reach!

You Can Record Online Classes In Advance

It’s entirely possible to record your webinar in advance, and once you have done this, people can purchase it and take it at a time that suits them. Not only does this mean that people will not be restricted to doing your class at a specific time, it means you can continue to earn money while you are sleeping.

If you’d prefer, you can do it live, and this will allow you to answer questions and interact with your audience as you go.

Create A Source Of Passive Income

As we have already mentioned, webinars can be a fantastic source of passive income. You simply do the work once, and then continue to make money as people purchase the content. You may do the webinar live, charging more for those who would like to be able to ask questions, and record it, ready to sell at a slightly reduced rate for those who would like to consume the content in their own time.

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Effectively Market Your Business While Everything Is At A Standstill

By creating webinars and other forms of content while everything is at a standstill, you will continue to increase brand awareness and boost your perceived authority. While marketing may be the last thing on your mind, as long as you create content with an aim to provide value to your audience, you will market your business with little effort.

Continue To Help People

You probably started your business in the first place because you had the desire to help people. Creating webinars is a great way to continue to help people and a way to spread some light in the world when everything feels bleak.

Monitor Your Success Rate

You can monitor your success rate with webinars in a way that you cannot do with regular classes. You will be able to look at some very helpful analytics and get an idea of how you can improve as a teacher. This will not only help you to create better content, but help you to improve your general skills for future offerings.

A More Affordable Solution For All

Webinars are not only a more affordable solution for you, but for everybody involved. People can take the class in the comfort of their own homes, saving money on transport and gas, so this may be an attractive option for those who may have wanted to visit you but could not afford it.

You will also save money, as you will not need to find a space to host your class, pay for refreshments, pay for travel, or anything else. All you need is the internet and something to film your webinar on – you could even do this on an iPhone, although you will likely need a clip on microphone that you can plug into it and some good lighting so that the content is attractive and easy to absorb.

Some People Prefer To Take Classes Online

Some people actually prefer to take classes online. Online classes are perfect for those who are introverted, or perhaps those who are differently abled and struggle to travel because they find that public transport and buildings are not accessible enough for them yet.

Helpful For Those Who Are Not Comfortable With Public Speaking

Perhaps you are not comfortable with public speaking – a webinar could be a fantastic way for you to reach hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people, and you won’t need to stand up and sweat in front of a huge crowd. This could be a smart way to get used to public speaking and improve your skills before doing the real thing!

What Webinar Software To Use

There are a few webinar options out there which you should research but here is what we have found to be some good options, however WebinarJam is probably the most simplest and best priced option that we have come across:

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Zoom
  3. GoTo Webinar

On top of the benefits listed here, you will find 3 big benefits of webinars in the video below.

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