How therapy websites should use the psychology of colour

14 Aug 2018
How therapy websites should use the psychology of colour

The psychology of colour is becoming increasingly popular in website design, marketing and branding. Tapping into the inherent associations people have with colours, the use of colour can stimulate different thoughts, feelings and reactions from your website visitors.

Our brains produce an automatic reaction when exposed to different colours, and it is important to take these into account when designing your therapy website. Our experts list some of the best colours and designs to use, and the inherent associations made with them, so your website can connect and resonate with your end users on an additional level.

1. Avoid bold, bright colours

Any bold or vibrant colours stimulate heightened thoughts and feelings. Bright red is commonly associated with danger, and neon yellow has many associations with toxicity or hazardous materials. Instead, opt for muted colours and pastels, which are far more likely to provide calming feelings, which go hand in hand with therapy.

2. Green symbolises nature and healing

While it may sound obvious, greens are often internally associated with the power of nature and healing qualities. As such, using a pastel green background can help users to associate your website, content and brand with healing – which is essential for therapy practices. Green also suggests stability and endurance, qualities needed for anyone considering therapy sessions. However, if choosing green, try to avoid shades that are the same colour as American dollars, as you don’t want your website to be associated with money or greed!

3. Purples encourage self-healing

Commonly associated with royalty, wisdom and independence, purple has long been used as a colour reserved only for the highest in society – during the Roman empire, only the Emperor was allowed to wear purple. Ultraviolet was also listed as Pantone’s colour of the year due to the ingenuity and visionary associations it produces. It is proven to promote relaxation, indulgence and self-healing, too.

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