How to use Instagram for your yoga business

06 Mar 2021
Instagram for your yoga business

Searches for yoga on social media are increasing every single day. This therapy-like way of moving your body has grown in popularity over the last year, with millions of people keen to learn from professional yogis via the internet.

Instagram is a brilliant platform for yoga teachers to share their skills. The social media site is constantly providing new ways for users to interact with their followers, which makes it great for sharing your tips and tricks. Having a large Instagram audience will help you to reach potential customers from all around the world. If you want to grow your yoga business, you need to have a flourishing Instagram account. So, how exactly should you be using Instagram for your yoga business?

Live classes

One of the best features that Instagram has to offer is its live video option. This feature allows users to stream themselves live to their audience, who can interact by commenting on the live footage. You could use this to teach live classes online to your followers. Setting up a regular live schedule is a great way to keep followers engaged with your page and checking in with your account on a regular basis. The beauty of streaming live classes on Instagram is that your clients can do them from anywhere in the world, which will help you to reach millions of people that may not be able to attend face-to-face sessions. If followers are impressed with your live classes, they may be tempted to purchase more classes from your business. Think of a live Instagram class as a tester sample for potential customers to try before they book more.

Carousel posts

Instagram is mainly used for sharing engaging images. Carousel posts allow creators to share multiple images on the same post; users simply swipe through to see each image in the order that you post them.

Carousel posts are a great way to share step-by-step tutorials of different yoga movements. You could accompany the images with a caption further explaining each step of the process. Step-by-step posts are incredibly popular with users who want to learn yoga from the comfort of their own homes. If you post these regularly, followers will keep returning to your page to look for new moves that they can try. This will increase engagement whilst demonstrating your knowledge, which will help to advertise the classes that you offer.


One of the best ways to expand your audience and promote your brand is to take part in Instagram collaborations with other popular yoga pages or any pages that link with your business. Collaborations take many forms on social media.

Some users chose to stream a joint live video (both accounts host the session together so bring both of their audiences to the same video). Other collaborations may do giveaways; you could give away a free yoga class entry along with a free mindfulness session, for example. By collaborating with another user, you are pooling both of your audiences together so increasing your chances of reaching new followers. If you collaborate with an account similar to your own, you have a higher chance of reaching people who will be interested in your business.


Instagram has recently seen a rise in users creating vlogs on the story feature of the app. The story feature is a way of creating a sequence of images or videos that followers can click through and follow along with.

You could use this feature to create daily vlogs about your business; following the process of setting up yoga classes or running the business in general. This will give your audience a deeper insight into your business which, will help you to create a strong connection with them.

Customers are more likely to buy from a business if they can trust it, so vlogging the ins and outs of your yoga company is a great way to earn this trust and encourage your followers to book classes. You can save each story that you create to your Instagram profile which will add to your social media portfolio and will showcase your business to any new followers that you may gain after you have uploaded the vlog.

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