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09 Feb 2018
child holding a instant camera

Trying to pick that perfect image out for your website can be a difficult task. Quality pictures can take a bland, unprofessional looking website and transform it into a work of art. As a therapist, pictures can help inspire confidence in your potential clients. However, a stock image of smiling, peaceful looking people is unlikely to get much attention.

Invest in your own pictures

Studies show that website visitors only really study the image if it is a real (not stock) person. Consider investing in a photographer for the day to take some quality snaps of you and your practice. They will be able to deliver great images with good composition that you can use all over your website, blog, and social media pages.

Take your own pictures

If you don’t want to dish out the dosh for a pro photographer, then get in touch with your creative side! Make sure you follow the rule of composition and use a good quality camera. Nothing says ‘amature’ more than blurry, pixelated images with bad lighting. Enlist the help of a friend to hold bounce boards to take a photo of you in action.

Use stock photos

As mentioned above, people are unlikely to spend much time studying a stock photo. But if you are trying to convey a complicated concept, a simple stock photo can be the right tool for the job. To keep viewers interested, break up the stock photos with interesting text. If you only have access to stock photos, then do your best to choose ones that look unique. If you are just starting your website then we provide stock images for your website via the stock library we use. For royalty-free images, you can use SnappyGoat (https://snappygoat.com/).

Effective typography

To minimise the number of images you need, you need to use typography effectively. Typography – the art of type – can be tricky to master. If you’d like to go down this route, then it is best to enlist the help of a professional website design company. They will be able to advise you on when to use that flowery font you love so much and how to keep it simple.

Even though choosing the right pictures can be difficult, we are always here to consult you on the best way forward. Get in contact with our team today and set up a great therapy website that will draw in clients.

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