The importance of displaying testimonials on your website

30 Jan 2018

Testimonials are an important tool for all businesses as they help potential clients trust you. For those who are new to using your services, a recommendation from a third party can provide the reassurance they need to invest in your services.

Get started by asking loyal clients

If you do not have any recent testimonials on file, you could start by asking a few of your regular clients to leave a few words after their next appointment. If you want to start using testimonials to develop your service, try to ask for feedback from each of your clients. This could give you tips for improvement and help you develop the service you provide into something which clients seek out. The testimonials will continue to pour in until you have a wide selection which shows the variety of skills you have.

If you receive a testimonial which you would like to display on your website, or perhaps use in other forms of marketing material, you should ask your client’s permission first. If you are paraphrasing the testimonial, make sure that it still sounds credible.

What should you look for?

When sifting through the various testimonials there are a few aspects to look for which will make a great review. It should be specific, by providing clear details about how you helped improve their condition or problem. It is OK if there is a slightly negative comment towards the end of the testimonial, as it can help make the comments appear more truthful. If your client will allow it, their details can give a personal touch, such as their name, age, location or perhaps a photograph.

Once you have a great selection of testimonials on your website, you could turn the most effective comments into longer case studies. These make great blog posts and could help drive traffic to your website. A case study should outline the original problem the client suffered with and then outline the details of how your therapy practices were able to treat them.

If you would like to find out how we can develop websites which display your testimonials and attract new therapy clients, please contact us.

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