The importance of ‘taking off your shoes’

14 Dec 2017
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There’s an often-quoted saying about ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’. This suggests a way to understand where someone else is coming from. However, there is another piece of past wisdom which perhaps would offer a greater benefit: ‘To walk in someone else’s shoes, first take off your own’.

If you are a complementary therapist or holistic professional offering specific and valuable services to a wide range of different clients, this second example of ‘words of wisdom’ can provide excellent advice. To truly see the services you offer from a potential client’s point of view, you first need to put aside all you know, and only then consider everything they might – or might not – understand about the services you provide.

Once you have achieved this, you start to gain a fresh perspective about your business. As important as the key reasons why a person might make use of the therapeutic services you provide are those nagging doubts or worries that might prevent them from doing so.

Reaching this level of understanding means that the content of your website can then make effective use of these positives and sympathetically deal with the negatives.

Consulting a therapist can be a major decision for many people. They might discuss it with family or friends. When doing so, they may be exposed to some reasons, even prejudices, that you know are plain silly, perhaps the results of old wives’ tales, or simply not valid in today’s world even if they might have been in the past.

If you are still, in some way, wearing your own shoes, then it can be easy to dismiss such points or underestimate their importance to potential customers. Shoes off, you can start to understand their thinking (even if it is muddled or plain wrong), and appreciate how they truly see the situation. Then you can effectively deal with such points in the content and style of your web presence.

Knowing what you need to say and how best to say it means that, working together with our experienced team here at HealthHosts, you can create a stylish, professional and effective website design, one that overcomes those doubts and concerns and presents your therapy business in a positive and powerful light.

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