Why it’s important to have outside eyes in your website design process

29 Sep 2016

You’ll be confident that you are good at your job. You’ll know all that you need to know to provide a high quality and important personal service as a therapist. So, knowing what to say and how best to present it on your own website should be a given?

Well – no. This is because the positive points mentioned in the previous paragraph can actually sometimes be a hindrance, rather than a help, in this process. Here are just two key reasons for this…

1. You know too much!

Many of your potential customers will have only a limited knowledge of the services you might offer and the outcomes you can deliver. They may even have misconceptions which can be strengthened by the way your website design is undertaken or the content presented. The danger is that, as an expert, you can easily forget or underestimate the lower knowledge level of others. Watch a TV quiz show and it’s easy to shout at the screen when people can’t come up with those answers you think are obvious! In both cases, your knowledge isn’t better than other people, it’s simply different. This is why, when an expert is investing in a website, it pays to have outside eyes work on it. This can help make sure it’s pitched at the right level for all those potential customers – rather than simply appearing full of truth to other people in the same line of business!

2. You’re standing too close!

If you’re a stranger in town, and ask someone for directions, you might be confused, simply because they are referencing points in their knowledge that you don’t possess. It’s the same with your web design. It’s easy to assume that people know things about your business, simply because they are obvious each day to you. Again, outside eyes can make sure that your web presence is presented in a way that strangers can both appreciate and respond to as you’d wish. This also helps produce a route through your site, from first arrival to potential customer, that is easy for these strangers to follow.

Just two simple points, but each emphasises why it makes such good sense to get help from others not involved in your actual therapy business to look over your website content.

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