Why you should include a blog on your therapy website

06 Dec 2017

When you are thinking about the website design for your therapy business, it makes sense to ensure it includes a section for adding blog posts. Here’s why:

1. Highlight your expertise

By adding blog posts to your therapy site, you can show off your individual expertise to your followers. This is a great way to make you stand out from your competitors, but also adds a personal, human touch, which can help build trust and credibility.

2. Improve your SEO

Blogging about relevant therapy topics not only shows you know your stuff, but it’s great for SEO, too. Search engines favour websites that add quality content using specific keywords, so blogging could also help see your site soar up the search listings.

Importantly, it also gives customers a reason to keep returning to your website, so they can catch up on your latest posts. By adding social media buttons at the bottom of your blog posts, this also means followers can like or share your content with others, helping to spread awareness of your business on social media.

3. Connect with audiences

Unlike many other service providers, it is important for therapists to make a connection with their customers, so they instil trust and confidence in them. Communicating to website visitors via a blog is a great channel to achieve this aim. If you provide a section underneath posts where audiences can add comments, this enables two-way interaction; you can answer queries or discuss relevant topics.

4. Provide information

If you have got something new to tell customers, whether you have recently employed a new therapist, introduced a new product, or want to explain the benefits or procedures involved in a particular therapy, posting this information in a blog post is a really convenient way to get a wide range of information about your services across. You can also add images or video content to your blog posts, if you find it easier to represent information in this way.

By organising your blog into categories, it also enables viewers to look back to past posts to find the information they need on a particular subject.

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