How to incorporate videos into your website to improve sales

12 Jun 2017

With websites becoming so easily accessible for all business owners, you need to constantly be looking for ways to market yourself in a way that means your customers choose you over a rival. This means that they need to, first of all, be able to find your site first and secondly, they need to want to stick around on your site once they find you. So here are 3 ways in which creating videos can help you achieve this aim.


It’s most likely the case that with only a tiny amount of online marketing know-how, you’ve heard of the term SEO. In itself, this is a science and if used correctly can have dramatic effects for your business. But what a lot of people aren’t immediately aware of is that video SEO is arguably just as big a tool for your therapy business as traditional blog writing. In the same way that you rank for keywords on Google, you can do the same with YouTube. By creating highly useful and entertaining videos and by optimising their titles and descriptions you can quickly get more traffic to your website by people finding you on YouTube and Google. In fact, YouTube itself has now become the second largest search engine in the world and around 5 billion videos are watched every single day.

Showcase your personality

By creating entertaining and genuinely useful videos you can quickly get across your personality to people and make them want to work with you. If someone is on your website, then having a video there can be a really effective way for you to quickly get across who you are and what makes your business unique. This will make it easier for the visitor to stay engaged with your website and decide whether or not to get in contact.

Improve your presence on social media

Creating content that is genuinely useful and fun to watch is such a powerful tool in this day and age. If people like them enough then they can choose to share your videos on social media with their friends. For example, you may be a local therapist and you produce a video that someone found on YouTube. They enjoy it so they then visit your site and they decide they want to share that video with their friends. All of a sudden you have just marketed yourself to hundreds of people in your local area. And better yet, it’s all free.

It’s clear to see that the power of video is incredible and often under-rated by many small business owners. So it could be that it is a fantastic way to go in terms of marketing yourself and a powerful tool to make your website stand out and help visitors stay engaged. For more information on how you could incorporate videos into your new therapist website design, just get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

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