Inject your personality into your website design

26 Mar 2017

These days, people seeking therapy look further than a therapist’s credentials. They want someone with the right personality and traits, who is approachable, trustworthy and can make them feel at ease. For therapists, it’s vital to make use of website design that lets you get your personality across, as well as emphasising your professionalism and trustworthiness. How can you achieve this?

Website design

Use elements in your website design that reflect your personality. If a professional designer is putting your site together, discuss your ideas and see how they may translate to reality. The use of colours, fonts, layout and graphics can all create an impression relating to who you are as a therapist.

Tell your story

Your ‘about me’ page offers a great opportunity to let your personality shine through. Of course, talking about your professional credentials is important, but include elements that reflect you as a person, such as why you do this work and how you got into it. Tell a story through your content, so readers can get a feel for you as a person.

A simple sentence mentioning your hobbies or passions can also help audiences feel more connected to you. Set yourself boundaries, however, and only include information that you feel is worth telling, but won’t compromise your professionalism or any codes of conduct you have.


Including a blog as part of your website design is beneficial for boosting SEO, but it also lets you publish content that gives audiences an insight into your character. Always create content that is relevant and demonstrates your expertise, but put a spin on topics by adding your personal opinions, ideas or own experiences. This not only makes it compelling, but it will make readers understand you better, and, hopefully, warm to you. When readers feel they know you as a person, they’re more likely to consider using your therapy services. When creating content, write how you would normally speak, to give it your own voice. Adding photos or videos to your content also helps bring it alive, and shows there is a human behind your text.


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